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Re: Tan lines

I slapped on some sunscreen and went for a walk without a hat. I felt naked.  Itís not that I like wearing hats but Iíve made it a point to never g...

Re: ESPN First Take host

It certainly is a good look for her.

Re: Tamar Braxton hot haircut.

This brings me back to the big hair days when women had more hair than face.   

Re: Tan lines

I don't spend much time in direct sunlight so I don't wear a hat or use sunscreen but Bee Bald does have a moisturizer that has spf15 in it.  I jus...

Re: Sly And Eyebrows

This is a strange topic for me because my eyebrows are white.  I do keep them trimmed so they don't get ferrel.  There isn't much else I can do abo...


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