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Re: I gouged my head!

Ouch!  The last time I did that was the day before my son's wedding.  I had to get my wife to put some of her concealer on it from her make-up kit ...

Re: Head shaving in shower?

 I always shave in the shower the hot water the soap the ability to go over spots that I missed is great .   I have fog free a shower mirror that s...

Re: I gouged my head!

 Not to worry that thing just happens now and again it could be the angle of the blade in the cartridge it could be momentary muscle twitch it coul...

I gouged my head!

 Well, it was bound to happen at some point.   I'm not sure how or why but this is the first time for me and I feel terrible about it!  I guess I'l...

Re: Classic cars and hotrods

Great car. I don't havecanything quite as interesting,  with just a Honda civic and a subaru legacy,  but they're both good, reliable cars


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