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Re: White Beard

I am at the end of the salt and pepper stage, and can't wait until it goes all white!

Re: SAFETY Razor Shave of the Day (SOTD)

Talbot Shaving | Buttery Brook
APShaveCo. Elegant Emerald | SynBad 24mm
Phoenix Shaving | Ascension Double Open Comb (7075 Al)
Treet Platinum Super St...

Re: How much hair have you lost?

Marsh , the only hair I see is on your face.

Re: It doesn't seem like a solution. It seems like a trade.

Quote from: Michael1986 on Today at 11:53:42 AMThis subforum is called "advantages and disadvantages to being bald", and so I think that on here pe...

Re: White Beard

I'm down with Reddog and the full white beard.


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